TRANSITION: Into a New Way of Thinking


Edition 2 Issue #34


YES, transition, or better yet: transitioning into a new life, a new way of thinking and therefore a fresh new world.  Is it at all possible?  Yes indeed it is.  We no longer have to assume to be victims of circumstance, to be directed in life by karma (see last week’s blog on: ”GRACEfor more on Karma and subscribe to our newsletter to be sure not to miss any future posts.) of past blunders, past mistakes or past lives.  Yesterday’s gone!  There’s nothing you can do about yesterday.

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Let’s talk about laws of the Universe; there are Laws such as Newton’s Law of gravity.  If I were to jump off a building at 10 stories I will head straight to the ground, whether I believe in God, whether I’m an atheist, a Muslim, Jew, Christian, Sufi, or whatever; the same Law applies to all and every circumstance and no one is above this law, so there are Natural Laws, there are also Universal Laws or Metaphysical Laws of the Universe which are constant and unchanging and for instance electricity, what’s up with electricity?  I don’t understand electricity, yet it’s a constant: of the guides and principles of Law governing our Universe, electricity, which in high enough intensity will kill me in an instant, in low intensity it will light up a dark room and brighten the darkest street with a lamppost.  It will cook my dinner and warm my house; yet I have no idea where and how it works.  It is a mystery to me; yet it’s constant and unchanging as Universal Laws are.  As are Natural Laws of the Universe as in the Law of Attraction: You reap what you sow.  Thoughts are everything so pay particular attention to though patterns. The Law of Cause and Effect, is similar; as when I constantly worry, worrisome things happen in my life.  If I am constantly reminding myself of happiness, abundance, Joy and fellowship as I commune in service (note here the biblical definition of Love in Action) and right thinking; good things are sure to happen to me, and those around me.



So what does transitioning and Metaphysical Laws have to do with change, and changing my way of being?  What does it have it do with the way my life unfolds and the circumstances I was born in?  So what do I have to change? (see the blog on :CHANGE published January 14, 2015; be sure to subscribe to our newsletter not to miss any future posts.) In transitioning: I say everything!  Everything is change, and the only constant in life is change; the world changes continuously and if there are aspects of your life that are not working then you need to change things. 



Chances are that if your life was perfect you wouldn’t be reading this blog post right now, right!  So what do you really need to change?  Change your circle of friends?  Changes your circumstances?  - Let’s pause here to give you the analogy of the differences between and alcoholic (read addict of any kind) and a normal person.  The normal person changes circumstances to accommodate their goals; whereas the alcoholic (addict) will change goals, lower their standards, and adapt to be able to continue in a destructive lifestyle without being hampered by outside influences; people, places, and things. Take the example of the alcoholic who loses a job to excessive drinking, or showing up to work drunk, or just smelling of booze from the night before.  Or worse doesn’t show up for shifts, or is constantly late.  A normal person, who had just got carried too far away by maybe tragedy like a break-up, or loss of a loved one, will reorganize and sober up, take stock of themselves and straighten out.  Whereas an alcoholic/addict will find a job, maybe in a bar or in the service industry where some consumption of alcohol, and even drugs, is common and allowed within the industry: changing our outlook and our goals to our circumstance, the opposite of a normal, ambitious, and centered individuals.  We, of the alcoholic type (read addictive tendencies), will do anything to keep our destructive lifestyles, and we will justify, at least to ourselves, by convincing ourselves we aren’t harming anyone but ourselves.   When we finally sober up and do the self-seeking and soul-searching work of the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous® we discover the friends and family we pushed away were actually very much damaged by our actions and re-actions to life as we tried to run it.  Actually running away from life is what I was doing for so many years.




On doing the self-seeking, soul-searching inventory outlined in the twelve-step program of recovery we bridge the gaps we had created, the hurt we had caused, the pain and suffering we inflicted on loved ones; making amends and repairing old damage. Reconciling our shortcomings and defects into the qualities we can build on. Forgiving and being forgiven are key characteristics of mending the damage and hurt we created.  Bridging these gaps, repairing the errors of our past and fulfilling lost promises and commitments.  We come to terms with our shortcomings and build new bridges, new relationships with others and reconciling our own damage.




And here we create a new beginning, a new life where we can live life on life’s terms.  We create the life we, and our families, appreciate.  New beginnings and new friendships built on Truth and Love, rather than living in pain and regret will renew our spirit and refresh our sole. This is the ultimate goal of life: to me serene and content within our skin, to live a life one thought of as impossible, or at list improbable.  Once we achieve peace within our hearts, all good things will follow.  This is one of the promises of the new life build on Spiritual Principles.


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