Edition 2 Issue #38


What pressures do you feel in your life?  Are the pressures of everyday life overwhelming to you?  We, who have felt the need, and completed the 12 Step program of recovery, have a new design for living based on Spiritual principle; these Spiritual principles, which govern the Universe, Universal Laws if you will.  These Laws are unchangeable and constant; we need to learn to live in accordance with these Spiritual Laws and then, and only then, will we feel the pressure subside.  When living in accordance with the Universal laws, which dominate the Universe, we will find inner peace and serenity.  Until we are aware of these laws and endeavor to abide by them, we are going to feel the pressures and constant pain and challenges of trying to bend the laws.

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Take the Law of Gravity for an example.  You cannot bend this law, you cannot drop a ball of the Empire State building and not expect it to fall straight down and eventually land on the ground, or have the wind blow it to an adjacent building.  This is a constant law, and there are many others.  Like electricity:  I don’t know how electricity works; yet I know it can burn me if I place my hand on the stove.  I know it will cook my dinner and I know it can electrocute me, yet I don’t know how they work, yet they do work, they rule over all and have lasting repercussions when broken, or countermanded.  There are many Spiritual Laws which guide the Universe that I don’t know how they work, or their reason for being, their “raison d’être” if you will, yet I know if I pray for guidance to follow these laws, to do onto others as I would have them do onto me… This is one; one of the many Laws which govern us, and we must learn and abide by the Universal Laws which have dominion over all.

Photo by AUTHOR:      ©Copyright 2015  All rights reserved

Photo by AUTHOR:      ©Copyright 2015  All rights reserved


The laws of the Universe, which guarantees we shall reap what we sow; this is one of the Laws to which there is huge benefit if we properly understand it, and treat it as the law that it is.  Sow seeds of hope, and Love, and sharing, and compassion, these and other principles, which are Laws that the Universe is based on, are unchanging from time immemorial to the end of time this will remain constant.  You don’t have to believe in religion to study the great teacher Jesus and what is laid down as the way to be, the way to act and the way to treat others.  We only have to look closely at those sharing these traits; like Mother Teresa of Calcutta.  Now I’m not saying that everyone, or anyone for that matter, can replicate the extent of the compassion of Mother Teresa, but if you look at what she did, what she stands for, and the life she embraced, we see that same teachings of Jesus, to treat others with compassion and to love others, and to love the ones who seem least deserving of love.  In return we are blessed with Divine Love as expressed by the Universal Mind.


Where do I get the wherewithal to abide by these Laws?  We can find solace and guidance through meditation.  Better men that I have embraced meditation for ages.  The benefits of meditation are infinite; meditation connects us with Universal Mind and our inner being, meditation allows EGO-MIND to take the back seat is you will (see our January 22, 2015 blog post on “EGO-MIND here these is a partial list of great men who embrace(d) meditation. And be sure to subscribe to our weekly newsletter to receive it directly you won’t miss a beat)

Meditation further connects us with our intuitive self which pretty much guarantees the real self will feel some discomfort, some “gut feeling” when something is wrong, when we are in danger; and ultimately will guide us, if we allow our intuition to, in the right direction, the right course of action, the next right thing. 

Be well and be at peace.

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