SALVATION: The Answer to My Emptiness


Edition 2 Issue #30


What a concept: Salvation.  I recall the only time I used to hear this word was in a Church, God forbid!  But let’s look a little closer at the word salvage; if we look at the dictionary meaning it means to: a rescue of a ship, or its cargo:  This to me brings thoughts of rescue, if my body is my “ship” my soul it’s “cargo”, and I wound up with a hole in my heart, a Spiritual emptiness from which I knew not how to recover.  I was in the grips of deep emotional, metal and Spiritual trauma, or emptiness; I had lost at the game of life!  The “pitiful, incomprehensible demoralization” I felt in the depts. Of my being seemed like the end of the road for me, thoughts of ending, or suicide to the point of attempting to kill myself!


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Did I truly try to end my life?  Or was it a desperate cry for help?  Probably the latter, yet if I would have succeeded in ending my physical life no one would have known the fact I was only reaching out in the only way that I knew, through sheer and utter desperation! Some of you understand this. The solution for me was in the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous® and the complete moral inventory it entails.  How can we move forward in a progressive manner without a complete an in depth inventory?  


Any and all successful business takes inventory, a business that wants to succeed does an in-depth assessment of what works, what is at stake, what isn’t working and analyses the data. Now why don’t we, as human beings, take a proper inventory of ourselves?  Why is this concept so foreign and where do I get a good template? A moral inventory was the start of a new life for me, and countless others who are successful in a program of recovery, be it from alcohol, drugs, gaming, sex, food, co-dependence… Again I will refer the reader to the AA word services website where the last time I checked they identify over 150 programs based on their original “Twelve Step Program of recovery”.  Isn’t that amazing? Over 150 derivative programs based on the systems developed over 80 years ago and still going strong.  There are naysayers who tell us these twelve steps don’t work, and will try and steer us to their way, yet the people who completely give in to the process, and the full program or recovery as outlined in the “Big Book”, without holding back, are successful and stay sober.  The idea is you have to completely commit for it to work.  Who really is completely committed to anything?  We so take everything in this world for granted, and I for one, lived on the fringes for a time, believing I could fake it, I could, like, do some of the work and feel better for a time, but it wasn’t until I completely, I mean completely, gave myself to the simple instructions and did a true in depth moral inventory to weed out the stale, the stuff which was standing in my way of progress, standing in my way of receiving the “Sunlight of the Spirit”, the things I was holding on to that were in fact killing me.  I held on for dear life to the things which were killing me.  Why? Because I resisted change, I was so caught up in my way, in my default settings, no matter how uncomfortable they were, no matter how much damage they created, my default was my comfort zone and it wasn’t until my comfort zone was so much more painful that the pain of change that I was willing to completely let go an move forward.  I hope you aren’t as stubborn as I am.  I sincerely hope, if you have identified a need to release bad vibrations from the past, that you will completely give yourself over to a proper moral inventory.

 Photo by author    ©Copyright 2015       All rights reserved

Photo by author   ©Copyright 2015      All rights reserved



So if salvation is the deliverance from suffering, is to salvage, or recover, the good in what is left-over and discard the broken, damaged pieces, this is the deliverance we are promised in the promises of the great teacher who was Jesus.  Put aside any reservations about religion, Catholicism or Christianity in particular and look instead at the Spiritual teachings of the great master of which Jesus was. There have been other great teachers, which include, but are not limited to Mohammad, Buddha, Krishna, Patangali, and more recently, Paramahansa Yogananda, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, and most recently Eckhart Tolle to name but a few…

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