GRACE: the road to Serenity, and Peace.


Edition 2 Issue #33

As we move away from fear into Faith we accept a position of Grace.  GRACE is God’s Love manifested in the present Moment.  Grace is freely given to us by the omnipotent, omnipresent Creator; or SOURCE of ALL there IS.  There is nothing in particular we need to do, or have done to deserve the Gift of Grace, it is not something we have to strive for, nor work in any selective manner to deserve this Gift from GOD; the Creator and Source.  The Energy, which permeates throughout all of existence and throughout all human beings connecting us in Oneness is known as GOD, or Great Creator, or several other monikers, and I like to use ‘SOURCE of ALL there IS’. 

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As the Gift is so freely available, how do I get it, oh lowly me!  Well firstly we need to realize we are all equally deserving of this Gift of Grace, we all can have it.  But like any other gift, we need to acknowledge it, we need to accept the Gift for what it is and fully and completely accept it.  Have you ever found a large denomination bill on the ground?  Let’s say there is a $100.00US bill on the sidewalk - now I know this seems extreme, but it is all but possible.  So I see this $100.00US bill and I look around, I don’t want to pick it up because it probably belongs to someone who just dropped it.  Couldn’t have just appeared there! Right?  So I looks around, nobody is searching their pockets in a frenzy; actually there is no one there at all.  No one around to claim it’s theirs.  So I look at it, I circle around it, seeing I’m the only person here; there is no one else to claim it at this present moment.  I still wait and think if I should pick it up; should I leave it there? What of the rightful owner comes back to get it?  But someone else will be sure to come by and claim it as theirs, I think, I think and I think it through again... But the $100.00US dollar bill, unlike the Gift of Grace, is a one shot deal.  The Gift of GRACE is for all and everyone, the trick is to identify it, to see it for what it is, to claim is as my own as this is the great Gift I have been promised in Salvation.  Not big special tricks and fancy séance and undercover brother stuff, no halleluiahs and fainting spells needed, no spells at all needed… IT’S THERE! Right there in front of me for the taking.  I finally pick it up, somewhat wearily, and place it in my pocket.  I have claimed it as my own.  I will probably wait a little while to be sure no one else claims it.  Then, and only then, if no one else claims it, I will be free to own it, spend it, enjoy it, and do with it what I please.

Now consider the Grace of GOD as the $100.00US bill on the ground.  Unless I recognize it, identify it, accept it, and pick it up to own and do with it as it should be used, I will never ever get it.  IT IS HERE FOR THE TAKING! TAKE IT NOW!

 "TRUE JOY IN THE MOMENT"  pic by author  ©Copyright 2015      All rights reserved

"TRUE JOY IN THE MOMENT"  pic by author ©Copyright   All rights reserved


We must understand the Eastern mistake of Karma and Karmic fate.  The Eastern practices pre-dating the Christ Conscience speaks to Karma and Karmic fate as something which will follow us from lifetime to lifetime.  Karma will determine our fate, and if there is bad Karma so be it we are stuck in this.  But this is but a fable and an untruth as the Great Teacher properly instructed us that the Gift of Grace supersedes and overcomes any and all Karma and Karmic Fate.  This is a mistake and we need to get away from this idea as we understand and accept Truth!  The incessant chirping in the mind that we did something in our past to deserve punishment, to deserve a bad “karmic” fate.  (let it be known here this is countered by the Grace of a power greater than ourselves, call it what you like, Universal Mind, GOD, Creator, (see Edgar Cayce, and A.R.E. (Association for Research and Enlightenment) “… No longer is the entity then under the law of cause and effect — or karma, but rather in Grace it may go on to the …”)

Edgar Cayce was a seer, and connected to the Universal Mind through the Gift of Grace and clear intention.

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