We, having come to a place where we are recovered from a "seemingly hopeless place of mind and body", set out to answer the question: "How can we affect change in the world and reach out to those suffering; suffering from the same separation we felt as alcoholics and addicts we found many people who did not suffer alcoholism and addiction to drugs were also suffering as we were.  Separation from the Source  of All there is, or God as we understand him.  So we set out on a mission:  To reconnect to GOD, as we understand Him (or Her), to find 'Mindfulness' and 'Awareness' to Awaken together in this time of global Awakening.  We are One with Spirit and we will guide our followers to a Spiritual Solution as  was so freely offered us.  Through centuries old teachings and through twelve step work, we have for mission to guide you Home, to relieve the ego-centric quality which is detrimental to our Soul development.

  Follow us as we have seen the transformation of thousands, tens of thousands, and will continue to spread the good word – to people who came to us full of doubt and uncertainty; become secure in the knowledge of their rightful place in the Universe through Love and Awareness.  The change may start slowly – in our Journey of Enlightenment, perhaps – but once it begins, it picks up speed.  The good works, shared experiences, time spent in prayer and meditation– all bring us closer to expressing our highest selves in Love and Light.


God - Direct me in my thinking
        - Show me your will for me
        - Give me the Power to carry it out

 May the Light shine within you now.  Only Light can overcome darkness.  Light shines into every corner and every crevice when the door begins to open.  There is no place the Light cannot penetrate to bring us Love and overcome the darkness.

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I blog weekly under the pen name (or Nom de plume, sounds so much more romantic doesn't it?) Bill Wilsonsfriend.  Our weekly blogs will be augmented by you, our readers who are invited to submit content, as well as comment on existing blogs. 

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Just keep doing the right thing and stay hooked into people who are living the life you aspire to. If this means changing your circle of friends, so be it. Find a sponsor, a mentor who you look up to, and commence the journey of a lifetime. You will never regret this choice. If you don't think you need a twelve step group, hook up to a yoga class. Ya guys too, hook up to a yoga class and find other people getting into Prayer and Meditation. Join a Meditation group in your area, stay hooked into people are into clean living. Keep hooked in, and if you need help, email, or tweet us and we will provide guidance, no matter where in the world you are, we will be there for you.

*SOURCE: The SOURCE of all there is. The infinite wisdom of the Universe, Universal Mind, the Great Creator, or GOD. Whatever you chose to call the DIVINE Substance from which ALL permeates.